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Acquisition Support

CAS has a complete Acquisition and Procurement Support approach and methodology that has been tried, tested, and fine-tuned from years of experience.  We have experience in supporting federal agencies and commercial clients in the areas of Strategic Sourcing and Acquisition Support, and fully understand the unique circumstances of supporting federal agencies, while deploying industry best-in-class approaches and methodologies.

CAS will work with the federal guideline like the FAR and agency-specific directives for acquisition and enhance it with our focused sourcing methodology which is based on decades of collective experience providing advice to a diverse set of clients and industries.  This enables us to navigate sourcing engagements with deep expertise gained through real client experiences. We customize our standard methodology in a collaborative environment that promotes understanding and consensus among the client stakeholders regarding the opportunity and the risks involved.

Our activities include multiple projects for evaluating the current operations, developing a Roadmap, and developing detailed requirements for the RFI/RFP, vendor proposal evaluation support, selection justification support and post award contract documentation.

Program Management and Transition Support

CAS understands the importance of applying PMO principles at the program level to efficiently manage all programs and projects by having a repeatable foundation that is flexible while aligning to industry best practices. This keeps processes standardized, allows for easy governance of the overall contract, and enables the seamless implementation of core functions at the program level.  Our approach leverages these principles to execute all aspects of program management as shown in our PMO framework.

Our transition management services utilize our PMO practices to ensure vendor and service transitions happen on a timely and cost-effective manner.  From developing detailed transition plans to developing and supporting knowledge transfer session, to ensuring milestone-based execution of transition against the plan, CAS ensuring on-time and on-budget transitions.

IT and Business Governance

CAS establishes a robust governance framework that establishes the rules of engagement for internal client organizations and between clients and vendor organizations.  CAS establishes Governance to provide a platform for our clients to conduct formal business review meetings to manage priorities, resource needs, manage risks, and funding obligations.  Effective Governance develops and maintains a culture of information sharing and business planning, and provides a forum for status reporting, problem-solving, and decision making by stakeholders.

Governance manages change brought about by new requirements or business conditions and creates business improvement plans, cost analysis, and evaluations to support decision-making processes.  Governance also maintains a cooperative and effective partnership between the client and vendors in support of the client’s operations and provides a measure of performance to ensure a high quality of service

CAS brings tools such as our Business Process maps, as well as a gap assessment methodology to create business processes to enhance client operations.  CAS also utilizes IT Business Management’s (ITBM) to effectively manage technology expenditures with the intent to provide a common platform to measure services and plan for future investments.  ITBM provides several benefits to users such as provide visibility into IT costs and provide a platform for decision making as it relates to consumption, value, and spend. A community of ITBM practitioners is developing within the government (GSA, OPM, DHS, EPA DOJ, NASA), and CAS can support our clients by bringing best in class ITBM concepts and tools.

Digital Transformation

IT Modernization

CAS has deep expertise in technology strategy, enterprise technical architectures, systems engineering lifecycle management, operational reviews, information technology modernization, public cloud architecture, and migrations.  Our staff have worked with designed Leads and other teams in the development SecDevOps operations and implementation to provide integrated security in application development, testing, build, integration, and release. We are knowledgeable on the IT Governance requirements and can support the development of architecture and governance standards.

CAS has supported multiple clients in the improving system and process efficiencies in the areas of Configuration Management, QA, Testing, and Application development to support modernization efforts

Enterprise architecture

We have worked with CTO/CIOs to enhance Enterprise Technical Architecture to support the emerging technology trends in mobile computing, applications development, implementation of modern message oriented services, and architecture guidelines for public cloud technologies. These include architecture guidelines for developing applications using Open Source Software technologies, design and development of applications using microservices architectures that can be deployed using modern Container Technologies for high scalability, availability, and fault tolerant to operate in public cloud environments. We also developed public cloud implementation architecture guidelines for containerized deployment of enterprise applications.

Cloud Acquisition Support

CAS has worked with agency Directorates in developing the Cloud Acquisition Request for Information (RFI). Reviewed all the responses as per the agency guidelines and graded the responses for government personnel review in support of next steps to procure required services.

Information Assurance and CyberSecurity

CAS supports all activities needed to conduct information policy compliance, obtain certification and accreditation on all the networks, equipment and systems for DoD and federal clients. Critical elements of our services includes assessment of security requirements and deficiencies, compliant Risk Management Framework for A&A processes with qualified, trained and certified staff.

Network Services

CAS staff and executives have deep expertise and experience in supporting our clients modernize their IT and Telecom infrastructure.  We provide sourcing and acquisition support for complex network infrastructure such as IT networks like servers and storage devices, telecom circuits and internet access for large enterprises, and Wireless infrastructure (RAN, Core) for national and global wireless carriers.

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