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What we do

IT and Business Governance

CAS establishes a robust governance framework that establishes the rules of engagement for internal governance or governance and coordination between parties such as a customer and a vendor. The framework establishes agreed to processes and procedures that parties can agree to in order to ensure a smooth working relationship so that the vendor can focus on providing high quality services. CAS has very robust methodologies for delivery of IT and Business Governance services. These methodologies include analytics through Technology Business Management processes, a detailed multi-phased approach for Business Process Re-engineering and over 35 detailed work flow processes for Governance management services.

Digital Transformation

Successful digital transformation requires investments in People, Processes, and Technologies that drive business value. This includes funding for critical initiatives that support the digital enterprise, including cloud, cybersecurity and customer experience, and continual operational improvements and effectiveness. Success also requires effective governance of technology assets and clear visibility into the cost of resources. CAS bring deep expertise in understanding network infrastructure, application development and business operations, so we can quickly support our customers and agencies in their digital transformation pursuits.

Program Management and Transition Support

CAS understands the importance of applying PMO principles at the program level to efficiently manage all programs and projects by having a repeatable foundation that is flexible while aligning to industry best practices. This keeps processes standardized, allows for easy governance of the overall contract, and enables the seamless implementation of core functions at the program level. Our approach leverages these principles to execute all aspects of program management as shown in our PMO framework.

Our transition management services utilize our PMO practices to ensure vendor and service transitions happen on a timely and cost-effective manner. From developing detailed transition plans to developing and supporting knowledge transfer session, to ensuring milestone-based execution of transition against the plan, CAS ensuring on-time and on-budget transitions.


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